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Group Web Page Service

This web server provides access to web pages belonging to users of the MCS at the University of Cambridge. URLs for personal pages look like

where 'wxyz' is the group's 'group identifier'.

If you are looking for a group's pages...

There is no index to the group pages available on this server. Under UK data protection legislation the University cannot divulge group URLs or comment on the availability or otherwise of group pages. All such queries should be directed to the web page owner. The University E-mail directory

contains the e-mail addresses of many (though not all) current members of the University and may help you to make contact.

Content of web pages

The group web pages on this server are not monitored by the Computing Service. Queries about group web pages should be addressed to the author of the page. In case of difficulty you should contact

Group web pages must conform to the Guidelines for personal WWW pages on Computing Service systems and all relevant legislation.

Advice and assistance

The MCS group web page service is described in the Computing Service DS-Web Web Pages on the MCS section. Registered users of the MCS can obtain advice about publishing pages from the Help Desk. Additional documentation about the MCS is accessible from computers within the University.

Further information about the University of Cambridge can be found on the University main web site.