Cambridge Endangered Languages and Cultures Group

Test ImageThe Cambridge Group for Endangered Languages and Cultures (CELC) pursues an interdisciplinary approach to the theory, methodology and practice of endangered language and culture documentation.

The group brings together linguists and anthropologists to create a forum where scholars interested in linguistic diversity and cultural heritage from Cambridge and other academic institutions can exchange ideas and discuss common concerns. We remain committed to the dissemination of research findings from language and cultural documentation research to a wider public and to source communities.

Through our series of workshops and seminars, we connect scholarship across disciplines and provide a forum for young career researchers and senior scholars to engage in a dialogue on linguistic and cultural preservation. By addressing issues of public importance and by promoting multidisciplinary research into endangered languages and cultures, we aim to meet the following objectives:

  • support the documentation, preservation and revitalisation of endangered languages, cultures and oral traditions
  • encourage fieldwork on endangered languages, and explore innovative field methods and new technologies for language and culture documentation projects
  • raise awareness of the threats facing linguistic and cultural diversity, and share information and knowledge of these issues across departments within the University of Cambridge and beyond

Picture (above) Cambridge PhD student Tom Artiss in Labrador.

News & events

  • The Sixth Cambridge Conference on Language Endangerment, entitled 'Language Endangerment: Curriculum Design and Evaluation,' will take place on July 6th 2016 in the Alison Richard Building, Sidgwick Site, Cambridge. The call for papers and more details can be found here.
  • The group is holding a workshop for postgraduate students working on endangered languages and cultures, to be held on July 5th 2016 at the English Faculty, Sidgwick Site, Cambridge. The call for papers is now open.
  • The slides from the talk on "Irish language policy from its beginnings to the 20-year strategy - An assessment" (28.01.2015) are now available online.
  • "Why learn Jèrriais?" - a talk by Dr Mari Jones is now available on Youtube.
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  • Upcoming talks:

  • See here for the complete list.